Small World Nursery & Preschool


Our Goal

To introduce even the youngest child to our Amazing God and begin teaching them the following Biblical Truths:

God made them just the way HE wanted them to be.
God loves them unconditionally.
God has a plan and a purpose for each of their lives.
God can be trusted, even when bad things happen, to always be with them.

Small World Information Flyer


Classes by age

Small World Nursery:
Your child will be promoted in the Small World Nursery area based on their developmental progress and as space allows. Remember each child develops at a different pace, so don't worry! Your child will remain in the Nursery area, even though they may be two, until we promote in August, unless class sizes warrant adjustment before then.Catepillars (Newborns)

Butterflies (Rolling-Crawling)
Lady Bugs (Toddlers)
Honey Bees (Toddlers)

Small World Preschool:
(your child will be placed in the Two Year Old and Kindergarten classes based on their birth dates. They must be 2 by September 1st to be in the two year old classes. Please note the date ranges are used as a guideline only - your child may be in a different class within his/her age group due to class sizes)

Panda Bears (Young Twos) 3/11-8/11
Elephants (Older Twos) 9/10 - 2/11

Tigers (Younger Threes) 3/10-8/10
Kangaroos(Older Threes) 9/09-2/10

Lions (Younger Fours) 3/09-8/09
Zebras (Older Fours) 9/08-2/09
(or any five year olds who have not started Kindergarten)

Giraffes (Kindergarten) 3/08-8/08
Koalas (Kindergarten) 9/07-2/08
(Could include birthdays of 01/07-08/07 if they started Kindergarten later)


Sunday Morning Schedule

8:00 AM         Small Church
9:30 AM         Little Life Groups
11:00 AM       Small Church


Wednesday Night Schedule

6:30 - 8:00 PM      Wednesday Nite Alive


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