No Selfies

Week 1 | Sermon Series “Kingdom Rhythms…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: Kingdom Rhythms are spiritual practices of worship and service to our King. Righteousness received leads to righteousness practiced. The motive of kingdom rhythms determines the reward of kingdom rhythms. Bible Text: Matthew 6:1 Our culture is obsessed with selfies. When you Google “how to take a perfect selfie” you … Read More

Love your Enemies

Week 5 | Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz and Pastor Matt Darby Highlights: We are called to promote reconciliation over retaliation. We are called to bless those who wronged us. We are called to love our enemies and pray for them. Bible Text: Matthew 5:38-42 During our sermon series, we are learning that life in the Kingdom life … Read More

Tell the Truth

Week 4 | Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: The God of truth wants His people to be people of truth. Jesus’ righteousness leads us to become truthful people with character and integrity. Willful deception is the by-product of our sinful disposition. Sincere integrity is the outworking of gospel transformation. Bible Text: Matthew 5:33-37 During our … Read More

Til Death do Us Part

Week 3 | Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: A covenant is a binding holy agreement between two people before God. The aim of a healthy marriage is friendship. The means to a fulfilled marriage is not the absence of conflict or strife but the presence of the Gospel. Marriage, at its core, is one of … Read More

The Sin Within

Week 2 Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Pastor Todd Kaunitz  Highlights: • Jesus addresses the issue of sexual purity by affirming the standard of sexual fidelity and elevating our understanding of sexual purity; • In order to win the fight against the sin within: 1. Immerse yourself in the Gospel; 2. Identify specific areas of struggle; 3. Take … Read More

Why so Angry?

Sermon Series “But I say…” Week 1: Why so Angry? Lead Pastor Pastor Todd Kaunitz  Highlights: The aim of the Gospel is not just to transform your relationship with God but also your relationship with others. There are 3 expressions of unrighteous anger: Simmer, Slander and Slaughter. Jesus says they should not be part of our lives. Unresolved conflict with … Read More

Journeying Towards Joy

Justin Arnold, LPC-S Minister of Family Discipleship and Counseling New Beginnings Baptist Church As a Christian counselor, I meet with clients all the time whose current life rhythms are not working. This past Sunday, we looked at Psalm 1 in our Rhythms of Life: Inward Rhythms series and learned that “Blessed is the man whose delight is in the law … Read More