12-Week Program Begins 9.12.21 | 5PM
NB Longview, The Gathering | Book $20


Are you frustrated, wondering if there is more to the Christian life?

Feeling stuck in your walk with the Lord?

Are you struggling with the same sin patterns, unable to find freedom?

It’s time for you to EXCHANGE lies for truth


THE EXCHANGE is a 12-Week discipleship journey to uncover the lies and deceit that are holding you hostage in a mediocre Christian life.

Every person has a set of beliefs through which they perceive themselves, the world, and their relationships. Unfortunately, many of these beliefs are deceived and distort our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

THE EXCHANGE provides participants the opportunity to confront these beliefs and truly be transformed by the renewing of their mind, by EXCHANGING those lies for the truth.

THE EXCHANGE will consist of large group teaching, small group discussion, one-on-one mentoring, individual bible study, and personal introspection.

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