Home Groups

What are Home Groups?

Home Groups are in-home Bible studies hosted around the Longview and Gilmer area. Each group is student-led, student-taught, and student-shepherded.

What age is Home Groups for?

Home Groups are for High School students in 9th-12th grade. Junior High students meet at the church for Crash on Wednesday nights.

What are the Student Leader Roles?

Teachers - Responsible for lessons, vision, teaching, and relationships.
Directors - Responsible for roll sheets, follow-up, social organization, greeting team, making announcements, and relationships.

Student leaders are staff-trained. Student leader trainings take place every other Sunday after church.

What time are Home Groups?

Home groups are from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM.

When will all High School students come together on Wednesday nights?

"The Gathering" is hosted once a month as a night of worship for every Home Group.

Where are the Home Groups and who are the Student Leaders?

Andrew and Michelle Traylor
5003 Lavender Leaf Lane
Longview, TX 75604
Student Leaders: Raygan Barnhill, Brody Barnhill, Kelsey Darby, Allie Robinette, and Joshua Ray

Dan and Karla Flournoy
7293 St. HWY 300
Gilmer, TX 75645
Student Leaders: Cam Owens, Darbi Dorrough, Caedan Flournoy, Anna Peterman, Allie White

Lance and Becky Anderson
114 Wood Creek Court
White Oak, TX 75693
Student Leaders: Hope Haney, Brendon Burd, Sidney Anderson

Doug and Josanne Lim
5081 Osprey Rd.
Gilmer, TX 75645
Student Leaders: Khaylee Dunn, Kylie Jordan, Taylor Nealy, and Trae Hampton

Kennan and Tracy Mize
5216 Osprey Rd.
Gilmer, TX 75645
Student Leaders: Christian Fennel, Devin Fluellen, Emily Leach, and Makayla Bryant

Is food provided during Home Groups?

Yes! Food and/or snacks are provided during Home Groups.

How does transportation work if my student does not drive?

We hope because there are multiple homes to choose from around the Longview and Gilmer area, there is a home near you. If your student needs a ride from the church, we have a van and additional transportation available. Transportation from the church departs at 6:35 PM to take students to the appropriate home, and returns by 8:00 PM.

Why the change?

Empowering Students: We have incredible students in our ministry. This structure empowers students, gives them an avenue to lead, and allows them to use their gifts to reach their peers for the gospel.

Easier Invite: It is often easier to invite a friend to someone’s house than it is to the church.

Discussion Oriented: It has been proven that students retain more of what is being taught when they are able to discuss and interact with the text in a discussion setting.

Authentic Relationships: Students are craving authentic relationships. Home Groups will help foster a safe environment where students can get to know each other and move past superficial relationships.

Are adults present at Home Groups?

There are multiple adults present at each Home Group. The adults help host and create an environment that is safe and inviting for all students. Every adult is a church member and has an approved background check. Many of these adults are parents and/or current Life Group leaders. The student ministry staff also rotates every week between the homes.

For more information about Home Groups, or to learn how to get connected, contact Marcus Eaves.


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