Home Groups


What are Home Groups?

  • Home Groups are in-home Bible studies hosted in homes around Longview and Gilmer
  • There is always food, friends, fun, and a Bible study that takes place
  • Student led, student taught, and student shepherd

What age(s) is Home Groups for?

  • Home Groups are for high school students in 9th-12th

What are the Student Leader Roles?

  • Teachers- Responsible for lessons, vision, teaching, and relationships
  • Hosts – Responsible for opening mixer/ice breaker, making announcements, adding to discussion, and relationships
  • Student leaders are staff trained. There are student leader trainings every other Sunday after church.

Where are the Home Groups?

Spring Hill Home Groups

·      Martin Home (Shannon and Ken)

o   Address: 102 Remington Trail, Longview TX 75604

·      Anderson Home (Lance and Becky)

o   Address: 114 Wood Creek Court White Oak, TX 75693

·      Kennedy Home (Rob and Amy Beth)

o   Address: 3107 Palmer Longview, TX 75605

Gilmer Home Groups

·      Lim Home (Doug and Josanne)

o   Address: 5081 Osprey Rd Gilmer, TX 75645

·      Miller Home (Elizabeth and Mike)

o   6667 FM-2454, Gilmer, TX 75644



How will transportation work if my student does not drive?

  • If your student needs a ride from the church, we will have a van and additional transportation available, if needed, at our Gilmer Campus only.
  • Transportation from the Gilmer campus will leave the church at 6:35pm to bring students to the appropriate home and will bring students back to the church by 8pm.

How will a student decide on which Home Group to attend?

  • Students are free to join the Home Group of their choice.

Does a student need to register for Home Groups?

Will adults be present at the Home Groups?

  • There will be multiple adults present at each Home Group. The adults will help host and create an environment that is safe and inviting for all students. Every adult is a church member and has an approved background check. Many of these adults will be parents and/or current Life Group leaders.
  • There will also be an adult coach in the home whose main responsibility is to provide theological clarity, encourage the student leaders, and help enforce safety protocols.

What safety protocols are in place for students?

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask both inside and outside. The only exception for a student to not have their face covered is while eating.
  • If your student does not have a mask or forgets theirs at home, we will have extra available for them.

What time are Home Groups?

  • Home Groups will be from 6:30PM-8:00PM. The first 15-20 min every night will be “hang time”.

Do all the students ever get together for worship?

  • At the end of each month there will be a night of worship called “The Gathering” where all the home groups gather together (sometimes both campuses).


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