The Sin Within

Week 2 Sermon Series “But I say…”
Lead Pastor Pastor Todd Kaunitz 


• Jesus addresses the issue of sexual purity by affirming the standard of sexual fidelity and elevating our understanding of sexual purity;
• In order to win the fight against the sin within:
1. Immerse yourself in the Gospel;
2. Identify specific areas of struggle;
3. Take radical action to fight against it;
4. Passionately pursue Jesus with everything.

Bible text: Matthew 5:27-30

Based on statistics, most of the men and women reading this blog post are regularly fighting unhealthy sexual thoughts or pornography addiction. Many are living in defeat. We live in an over-sexualized culture that bombards us with images, celebrates immorality, and now finds one’s identity defined by our sexual preferences or desires.
Most people lose the battle with sexual purity because we are only trying to fight the outward behavior when the real battle is inside of us. This is why Jesus wants to help us understand that His righteousness reaches far beyond our actions and addresses the heart, which is the source of sin.

Jesus addresses the issue of sexual purity in two primary ways that are critical for us if we are going to fight well for purity.

Jesus affirms the standard of sexual fidelity – According to scholars, the sexual ethic in this passage is not limited to just cheating on a spouse but any sex that was outside the covenant of marriage. Jesus affirms here that God’s plan is for ALL sexual expression to be experienced by one man and one woman within the confines of the Covenant of marriage.

Jesus elevates our understanding of sexual purity – Jesus clarifies the intent of the 7th commandment by helping us understand that the heart of the issue, is an issue of the heart. Adultery, according to Jesus, isn’t simply the physical act of sexual engagement but it’s actually something that occurs in the heart. Jesus moves beyond the outward behavior & exposes the origin of sin that resides on the inside.

Jesus elevates our understanding of sexual purity…which should cause us all to acknowledge the sin in our hearts and ask the question what do we do?

Immerse yourself in the Gospel – We need a righteousness we do not, in and of ourselves, possess and a supernatural power that will transform us from the inside out. This is why we must constantly immerse ourselves in the Gospel.

Identify specific areas of struggle – Most of us, if we are honest,  know the areas that trip us up and cause us to stumble. There are patterns that we could see in our lives that continue to trip us up time and time again. The enemy knows it. He will continue to bait you if you do not have your guard up. Whatever our struggle is, we need to identify it in order to deal with it.

Take radical action to fight against it – As believers, we must be willing to do whatever we have to, in order to walk in purity! Colossians 3:5 Put to death (Kill) therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry. We do not flirt with sin we fight it. We do not manage it we murder it!

Passionately pursue Jesus with everything | It’s not merely the elimination of a certain action or thought but the pursuit of something that is far greater. Jesus promises that when we hunger & thirst for righteousness that we will be satisfied. Jesus doesn’t just say, “stop seeking those things.” He says, “rather than pursuing those things, pursue Me. when you get Me you get all you need.”

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