Humble Brag

Week 2| Sermon Series “Kingdom Rhythms…”

Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz


• Authentic Generosity is a way of life for Christians.

• Generosity is always about God, never about us.

• Do not neglect a Spirit-led generous impulse.

Bible Text: Matthew 6:2-3

We are in a series called Kingdom Rhythms. We are examining the Righteous Practices or Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian life. We are calling them Kingdom Rhythms because it reminds us that these are patterns we develop in our daily lives that keep us in step with God’s Kingdom.

Jesus, in today’s passage, is teaching us what life in the Kingdom looks like. He is showing us how it transforms not only how we live but why we live the way we do.

Here are three truths:

  1. Generosity received leads to generosity lived: Spirit-led generosity flows from the generosity found in the Gospel.
  2. Generosity should be motivated by love for God not the praise of man: Spirit-led generosity is always about God and never about us.
  3. Jesus promises to reward authentic generosity: Spirit-led generosity is an invitation to pursue the greater reward.

Four Steps to a generous life:
Evaluate your motives and your money – Get honest about why you give (or don’t give) and what you are doing with your resources.
Begin tithing faithfully – Set aside a fixed amount to give to the mission of God through the local church. (Training wheels of generosity)
Do not neglect a Spirit-led generous impulse – When you see a need and sense the Spirit telling you to give…give!
Remember the generosity of Jesus – He gave up everything in order to give us everything.

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