No Selfies

Week 1 | Sermon Series “Kingdom Rhythms…”

Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz


  • Kingdom Rhythms are spiritual practices of worship and service to our King.
  • Righteousness received leads to righteousness practiced.
  • The motive of kingdom rhythms determines the reward of kingdom rhythms.

Bible Text: Matthew 6:1

Our culture is obsessed with selfies. When you Google “how to take a perfect selfie” you get 39 million results. In many cases, the selfie is capturing what we want others to think about us. We want them to see the place where we are, the people we are with more than actually experiencing that place or people.

In today’s scripture, Jesus addresses a system where the outward practice of their faith was done for the purpose of selfish recognition of others, as opposed to acts of worship and service to God. Jesus confronts this head-on in Matthew 6:1. He wants us to understand that while there are outward expressions or practices of our faith that will be seen by the world around us, our motives should never be for the praise of man but for the glory of God. Jesus’ righteousness not only produces righteous practices, but it also produces righteous motives for those practices. Here are three important truths that immerge from the text:

  • Righteousness received leads to righteousness practiced – When we by faith embrace Jesus as Lord, His righteousness is imputed to us. When this occurs, we are made alive spiritually. We are given a new heart that is now being transformed into the likeness of King Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. This will lead to a desire to pursue Him, serve Him, and authentically live for Him.
  • Kingdom Rhythms are spiritual practices of worship and service to our King – God’s desire for Kingdom citizens is for us to develop rhythms into our life of worship and service to Him. These are spiritual disciplines, or Kingdom Rhythms, are intended to be both expressions of worship and service but also to enable our relationship with Jesus to grow and flourish.
  • The motive of kingdom rhythms determines the reward of kingdom rhythms –  Jesus says to beware or guard yourself of going through the motions of righteous practices for the wrong reasons. Specifically, He says “in order to be seen by” people. Prayer, worship, knowing the scriptures and other Kingdom Rhythms were never meant to camouflage or disguise the condition of our heart. There’s a reward in pursuing Jesus with the right motives. And this reward comes from our Father in heaven. It is both deeper intimacy and blessings in Him now and eternal reward to come. I love this! Jesus by grace gives us His righteousness and when we by His grace live out this righteousness in strength, He rewards us for it!

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