The Den of Lions

April 18,  2021 | The Den of Lions | Life in the Arena | Daniel 6 Highlights: • The most practical way to make a kingdom impact in our culture is to pursue excellence in our work. • Your ability to stand for Jesus in power will be connected to the constancy of your kneeling before Jesus in prayer. • … Read More

The Furnace of Fire

April 11,  2021 | Series: Life in the Arena – when obecience means defiance | This week’s sermon: The Furnace of Fire | Daniel 3 Highlights: • Obedience to God has a cost: it means defiance to the current world system. • Small compromises lead to great failure. • You will never stand for Christ without Christ standing with you. … Read More

Resurrected Heart

Let me give you a profile and let’s see if you can identify this person: Respected in the community; Impeccable character, morals, and value system; Very religious, knows and loves the Bible, and attends church; Viewed as a successful and positive influencer of culture; Deep devotion to God and His commands; Possesses a high view of Jesus. Absolutely adores Jesus! … Read More

The Prayer

When we pray, we want to meet with God. We want to encounter His manifest presence through prayer! Omni-presence is about God in His nature being ever-present. Manifest-presence is when God is actively and unmistakably moving among His people. We want to find God and when we do,  we want to stay in His presence. God’s manifest presence demands preparation. … Read More

Like This

March 21, 2021 | Kingdom Rhythms | Part 5 – Like This | Matt.6:9-13 Highlights: Jesus isn’t prescribing a prayer to be prayed but He is describing a model or form that should shape the way we pray Jesus is showing us how to pray with power It is in submission to God’s sovereignty that we find perspective and understanding … Read More

How (not) to pray

March 14, 2021 | Kingdom Rhythms | Part 4 – How (not) to Pray | Matt.6:5-8 Highlights: Prayer moves us from operating in the natural and enables us to engage in the supernatural. One of the greatest ways we can know the sincerity of our public prayer life is by the consistency of our private prayer life. Prayer is not … Read More

Dinner for two

Week 3| Sermon Series “Kingdom Rhythms…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: • Christianity is not a private faith, it is a corporate faith. • Fasting is abstaining from something that we need or enjoy for the purpose of intense spiritual focus through scripture and prayer. • Authentic fasting is pursued humbly, prayerfully, and intentionally. Bible Text: Matt.6:16-18 For the next … Read More

Humble Brag

Week 2| Sermon Series “Kingdom Rhythms…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: • Authentic Generosity is a way of life for Christians. • Generosity is always about God, never about us. • Do not neglect a Spirit-led generous impulse. Bible Text: Matthew 6:2-3 We are in a series called Kingdom Rhythms. We are examining the Righteous Practices or Spiritual Disciplines of … Read More

No Selfies

Week 1 | Sermon Series “Kingdom Rhythms…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: Kingdom Rhythms are spiritual practices of worship and service to our King. Righteousness received leads to righteousness practiced. The motive of kingdom rhythms determines the reward of kingdom rhythms. Bible Text: Matthew 6:1 Our culture is obsessed with selfies. When you Google “how to take a perfect selfie” you … Read More

Love your Enemies

Week 5 | Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz and Pastor Matt Darby Highlights: We are called to promote reconciliation over retaliation. We are called to bless those who wronged us. We are called to love our enemies and pray for them. Bible Text: Matthew 5:38-42 During our sermon series, we are learning that life in the Kingdom life … Read More