Tell the Truth

Week 4 | Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: The God of truth wants His people to be people of truth. Jesus’ righteousness leads us to become truthful people with character and integrity. Willful deception is the by-product of our sinful disposition. Sincere integrity is the outworking of gospel transformation. Bible Text: Matthew 5:33-37 During our … Read More

Til Death do Us Part

Week 3 | Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Todd Kaunitz Highlights: A covenant is a binding holy agreement between two people before God. The aim of a healthy marriage is friendship. The means to a fulfilled marriage is not the absence of conflict or strife but the presence of the Gospel. Marriage, at its core, is one of … Read More

The Sin Within

Week 2 Sermon Series “But I say…” Lead Pastor Pastor Todd Kaunitz  Highlights: • Jesus addresses the issue of sexual purity by affirming the standard of sexual fidelity and elevating our understanding of sexual purity; • In order to win the fight against the sin within: 1. Immerse yourself in the Gospel; 2. Identify specific areas of struggle; 3. Take … Read More

Why so Angry?

Sermon Series “But I say…” Week 1: Why so Angry? Lead Pastor Pastor Todd Kaunitz  Highlights: The aim of the Gospel is not just to transform your relationship with God but also your relationship with others. There are 3 expressions of unrighteous anger: Simmer, Slander and Slaughter. Jesus says they should not be part of our lives. Unresolved conflict with … Read More

Journeying Towards Joy

Justin Arnold, LPC-S Minister of Family Discipleship and Counseling New Beginnings Baptist Church As a Christian counselor, I meet with clients all the time whose current life rhythms are not working. This past Sunday, we looked at Psalm 1 in our Rhythms of Life: Inward Rhythms series and learned that “Blessed is the man whose delight is in the law … Read More